Although higher in histamine than other berries I can eat these now :)

Healthy eating!


"Animals do have a voice, if you ignore their suffering I will remind you of it. If you don’t understand them I will translate. If you don’t hear them, I will be their voice. You may silence them, but you cannot silence me as long as I live."
-Anita Mahdessian



Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

This list is wrong. Sephora Collection is not cruelty free. And if Victoria’s Secret was, it’s not anymore.
Why? Because both sell in China. And China has regulations that only permit the sale of cosmetic products that have been animal tested. MAC was cruelty free until they entered the China market. And this is why LUSH will never sell in the China market, at least as long as that regulation stands.
I went to the Sephora China site and they DO sell their store brand cosmetics in China. And Victoria’s Secret announced last month that they are going to be opening stores in China, but purely as cosmetic and beauty stores for now. No lingerie yet. So if they weren’t animal tested before, they will be soon. These are two companies that clearly care more about their markets and profits more than standing by their ethics.
LUSH (83% of products are vegan) and Urban Decay (100% vegan) are my jam though. LUSH actually sponsors an annual $250k competition each year to sponsor five plans of action seeking alternatives to animal testing.
And if you’re avoiding these brands as a vegan, Burt’s Bees? Really? Why is that on this list?
Please help my comment get spread around to correct misinformation. 

The Body Shop and Urban Decay are both owned by L’Oreal who test on animals!


There are so many types of vegan, cruelty-free milk! Which is your favorite?

I am so excited! My first blog post is finally up! It’s a vegan cosmetics shopping guide :) hope it’s helpful!


Struggling to find vegan clothing alternatives? Looking to support vegan companies during your holiday shopping? This list may help you. It is by no means comprehensive, so feel free to add your favorite 100% vegan brands and shops!

Alternative Outfitters: shoes, accessories, handbags, beauty…


Iā€™m so curious about veganism and any advice about becoming a vegan/ raw/ raw until 4 vegan is So welcome!

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"I am the captain of my soul."
ā€• Nelson Mandela

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What went into this mornings #greensmoothie bowl ! This baby is filled with nana + kiwi + pineapple + spinach + dates and home made almond milk šŸ’š

"there is an amazon in us.
she is the secret we do not
have to learn.
the strength that opens us
beyond ourselves.
birth is our birthright.
we smile our mysterious smile."

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